What is a property developer?

What tasks does a property developer carry out?

What does EISNECKER Bauträgergesellschaft mbH do?


Main Tasks and activities:

We buy properties and build single or multi-family houses. We then sell the houses or the individual apartments together with the property. We plan the entire construction process, but do not carry out any construction activities ourselves. Instead, we commission regional construction companies and craft businesses and coordinate their work.

Sale of new buildings “as a service”

We offer ready-to-move-in condominiums and houses, including the associated property. One of our many tasks also includes obtaining the necessary permits and coordinating the construction.

Advantage for the buyer (client)

Real estate ownership only passes on to the buyer when the finished property is handed over as contractually agreed. Until then, we act on behalf of the client. In this function, we obtain all permits and monitor the construction process. The buyer does not have to deal with authorities or construction companies.

Legal framework

From a legal point of view, a property developer contract is a mixture of purchase and work contracts, because it includes both the purchase of the property and the construction work to be performed. Unlike pure work contracts, the property developer contract must be certified by a notary.

Payments by construction progress

An important part of a MaBV* contract is a payment plan. This determines what percentage of the purchase price the house or apartment buyer has to pay to the developer at what time. The buyer only has to pay according to the construction progress.

(*broker and developer regulation)