Since the founding of EISNECKER Bauträgergesellschaft mbH in 1987, we have made it our business to create valuable real estate in the new building sector.

With the participating partner companies of EISNECKER Bauträgergesellschaft mbH, we have successfully realized over 250 residential units. Our extensive knowledge about the Rhein-Neckar region peered with and extensive building experience ensures the long-term residential value.

Trust in over 30 years of “quality on principle”.

We know the floor plan requirements that both the owner-occupier and the capital investor need for their individual apartment layouts in order to ensure their long-term high residential value.

Long-standing and established business relationships with experienced planning offices ensure that all construction work always takes place in accordance with the latest technical standard and only with proven materials and construction systems.

In order to ensure the high quality standards that EISNECKER Bauträgergesellschaft mbH sets for its customers and for themselves, we have been working hand in hand with our partner craft companies for years.

Trust in our many years of project and real estate experience.